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Oh, what a year! Despite the pandemic and two major hurricanes, we are still alive and well. This is not exactly what we had envisioned for our 25th anniversary year, but we continue to be thankful for the opportunity to bring our “puros” to aficionados worldwide and offer each one of you a moment to relax, enjoy, and daydream. Despite all this year’s trials, we did enjoy good news when Cigar Journal’s Trophy Awards announced that our Villa Zamorano brand had won the 2020 BEST VALUE – HONDURAS award. It is an honor to have been recognized in this way by fans in more than 35 countries. Now the holidays are upon us, and at this special time of the year we are grateful to the clients and friends who have made our job easier and our lives more enjoyable. Thank you! Season´s greetings and best wishes to you all, and may the New Year be filled with peace and joy. MAYA SELVA


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