Maya Selva Cigars welcomes new Chief Commercial Officer

We are pleased to announce that FILIPPO COSTI is joining Maya Selva Cigars as the new Chief Commercial Officer, starting June 28, 2019. Fillippo has a doctorate in Architecture and Urban Design from Italy's Politecnico di Milano. He comes to us from the world of luxury watches and jewelry, and brings with him a great deal of professional experience in the areas of customer service, management, marketing and sales. His passion for cigars began in the early '90s in Spain, and grew during several visits to Havana, Cuba, where he learned about the craftsmanship and the art of blending a great cigar. "I believe the best definition of luxury is time, the time spent perfecting and building a produc

La Nuit de L ‘Amateur de Cigare - Paris

The cigar event of the month was La Nuit de La Amateur de Cigare. Paris has been host to this annual gathering of aficionados and tobacco producers since 1995, showcasing the very best cigars from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. It’s an excellent time to enjoy a gourmet dinner, wines, spirits and champagne. Among the event’s many activities, this year the Black Jack table was sponsored by Maya Selva Cigars. The pairing of the evening was our Flor de Selva “Year of the Pig” with Dalmore 25.

Cigraal Academy – Hong Kong

The successful new Cigraal Academy is teaching both private clients and professionals the fine art of the cigar, specifically the terroirs of Honduras and Nicaragua. Service staff from hotels and restaurants are very keen to learn about cigar etiquette, while private clients are eager to compare various terroirs in blind tastings, and to choose their private cigars without the influence of the brand image. Flor de Selva, Villa Zamorano and Cumpay were always among the top rankings during these tasting sessions.

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