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Get to know a bit more about the land where the brands Flor de Selva and Villa Zamorano are produced. Terroir is the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop's phenotype, including unique environment contexts, farming practices and a crop's specific growth habitat. Collectively, these contextual characteristics are said to have a character; terroir also refers to this character. Some artisanal crops for which terroir is studied include wine, coffee, tobacco, chocolate, chili peppers, hops, agave (for making tequila and mezcal), tomatoes, heritage wheat, maple syrup, tea, and cannabis. Wikipedia


Danlí is a city in eastern Honduras in the Department of El Paraíso, just 92 kilometers from Tegucigalpa. The city’s economy is primarily agricultural, with the main crops being tobacco and corn. Surrounded by rolling pine covered hills, Danlí is commonly known as the City of Hills. Danlí is famous for its Corn Festival every August. The event includes artisan fairs, parades with decorative floats, art contests, rodeos, sports events, and a carnival. The whole city becomes one big traditional festival. More recently, however, Danlí has become the cigar capital of the country, producing the world’s most emblematic brands. The cigar industry now generates 40 percent of the local economy and em


Santa Rosa de Copán is the largest city in western Honduras. Due in large part to its ideal conditions for tobacco cultivation, the 18th century saw an increase in migration to the region. By 1765 colonial Spain had established its Royal Tobacco Factory growing excellent quality tobacco throughout the region. Today Santa Rosa de Copán is still known as the Legendary City of Tobacco. Not only did the Royal Tobacco Factory see to it that seed and supplies were readily available for tobacco cultivation, it also developed processed and oversaw trade. As tobacco prices rose in Europe, more and more Hondurans migrated to Santa Rosa de Copán. After Honduras declared its independence in 1821, the go

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