Honduras: A cigar history spanning two thousand years

It was during the first voyage of Christopher Columbus, in 1492, that Europeans discovered tobacco and first tried the ancestor of our current cigars. Columbus himself took no interest in the discovery: gold was what he was after. But these “muskets” or “firearms”, of which the natives seemed to breathe in the smoke, the leaves they crushed and snuffed greatly intrigued the scholars in his crew. The chronicles of Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas and Don Salvador de Madariaga described and tried to interpret these strange rituals. When on his fourth voyage, ten years later, Columbus discovered Honduras (the fourth jewel of the navigator), the native’s taste for tobacco no longer came as a surprise


Most of the world has been confined to the home spaces due to the spread of coronavirus, this has prompted us to reinvent the home-office concept and the virtual gatherings for social, educational and work purposes have multiplied to our amazement. The cigar world was no exception, and has taken advantage of this trend finding renewed ways to mingle with and learn through podcasts, virtual lounges, live-sessions and seminars. We here at Maya Selva Cigars have participated in our share of virtual events. Cigar Journal’s Light ’em Up Lounge invited Maya Selva to join them recently. Meanwhile, Cigar Sense launched a series of audio conferences designed to offer new learning opportunities to afi

Maya Selva Cigars It is our 25th anniversary!

And while we certainly have a lot to celebrate since we began producing our first cigars a quarter of a century ago, we are also taking time to ponder the new challenges that we are all facing in the midst of the quarantine that most of us are subject to, regardless of our country of origin. At Maya Selva Cigars, we humbly accept this new challenge. We recognize and are grateful for every aficionado across the globe who enjoys the cigars from any of our three brands (Flor de Selva, Cumpay, and Villa Zamorano) and their respective collections. Our hope for the future is powered by the entire chain of workers and their families who make it possible for all of us to enjoy a grand cigar, from

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