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Treasure your time

The desire to share the taste of a land: Honduras.

The pleasure in offering a superb premium cigar:
100% Honduran puro.


Woody scent, subtly balanced aromas of cedar, dried fruits, and a subtle hint of spice.  Balanced, natural flavor.

Available in 4, 7, 20 & 25 count boxes.

Churchill tubo available in 16-count box. The No. 20 colletion available in 20-count boxes and a 4-cigar Sampler.


Cumpay was launched in 1999 from the volcanic highlands of Nicaragua’s Jalapa valley. 


It is 100% Nicaraguan tobacco, with a complex range of aromas, a hint of roasted coffee, hazelnut, and leather.

Available in 20-count boxes.

Robusto and Churchill tubo available in 16-count box.

And a 4-cigar Sampler.

Rich in taste, not in price

Hand-made cigar with premium tobacco, at an affordable price.

VZ & VZ Reserva.png

These hand-made Honduran cigars offer a full, expressive taste with notes of roasted coffee.

Villa Zamorano available in 15 & 25 bundles. 
VZ Reserva available in 25-count boxes.

The VZ Reserva Cigar Can is a 5-cigar sampler.

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