MAYA SELVA – Creating cigars for 25 years

Some names are particularly fitting. The word cigar is thought to come from “sik’ar,” the word for smoking in the language of the ancient Maya who inhabited Honduras in the first millennium. In those days, smoking was a privilege reserved for kings. Today, many can enjoy a Honduran cigar “hecho totalmente a mano” due in great part to Maya Selva who has been a great ambassador to Honduran cigars for the last 25 years.

Maya Selva: A pioneering spirit

Maya was the first to bring “terroir” and “proposal of taste” into the cigar conversation. She sees cigars as an agricultural product first and foremost. Like a fine wine, it bears the stamp of its origins, the character of its land. Her greatest challenge at first was to enhance the concept of terroir so that each of her brands would be the quintessence of a particular soil, climate and knowhow. FLOR DE SELVA reflects the full character of the Jamastrán Valley highlands, shielded by the mountains of El Paraíso. This tobacco draws its woody flavor and deep, rich aromas from the heart of the valley’s red, fertile soil, a mixture of sand and clay. In 1999, Maya launched CUMPAY, this time takin

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