3eme Nuit de l’Amateur de Cigare - Beirut, Lebanon

Organized by the Los Cedros Cigare Club Libano and José BouGhosn at the very stylish Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, this was an evening of fine dining, cigars and spirits. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, cigar aficionados gathered for the occasion and enjoyed tasting some classic cigars from the Flor de Selva and Cumpay collections. It was a splendid evening among friends thanks to a very successful partnership between Maya Selva Cigars, Cigraal and Peter´s Cigars.

Year of the Pig – New Limited Edition

Featured as the “New Release” during InterTabac 2018 the special edition cigar celebrates Chinese New Year, blending the best tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua, to please the most discerning of palates. The line’s design combines traditional Chinese patterns with Mayan hieroglyphics. The pig is the 12th sign of the Chinese zodiac, and according to their tradition, there are 12 animals guarding the gates of Heaven. Meanwhile, on a different continent, the Mayas believed that we are all born with a Nahual, or spirit animal, that guides us through life. The tobacco in the toro-sized cigars is handpicked in the renowned valleys of Jamastrán in Honduras and Jalapa in Nicaragua.

A Classic

Maya Selva Cigars at InterTabac 2018, the world’s largest international cigar trade show. This year we showcased our classic collections. With so many new cigars on the market and ever-expanding collections our motto “Go with a Classic, always a good choice” reminds aficionados that these classics guarantee a great smoke every time.

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