Open Day Festival — Berlin, Germany

Organized by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, this festival invites visitors to explore the tourism and export opportunities of all of the countries that have embassies and consulates in Berlin. The Honduran Embassy welcomed many visitors, who were eager to discover the flavors of the Maya Selva Cigars homeland.

Barefoot at the Beach —Toledo, Ohio, USA

Maya Selva Cigars were featured in a tasting event at one of the largest fundraisers in Toledo, Ohio. Barefoot at the Beach raises money to support the city’s Boys and Girls Clubs. This one-of-a-kind event was held on a beautiful summer evening at the beach.

Festival de Maíz — Danlí, Honduras’

Danlí located in eastern Honduras is well known as the home to many of the most prestigious cigar manufacturers. The town recently celebrate their annual Festival de Maíz, or corn festival. This popular local fair promotes the economic, social and cultural activities that are thriving in the region — especially the corn and its products. This year, Maya Selva Cigars and the Plasencia Group had a stand during the celebration.

Joining Forces to Make a Difference

For more than 14 years, the Estancia Santa Gertrudis Center has been providing shelter to children from high-risk social circumstances. The center is currently home to 42 children, thanks to the support of numerous benefactors, including the Municipality of Danlí, international aid and cooperation organizations, and representatives from the tobacco industry. The Center provides these children with a quality education, emotional support, balanced nutrition, and an opportunity to become valuable citizens in their community. This summer, a group of young volunteers from the Maya Selva Cigar family helped paint the school.

Some trivia about the Flor de Selva ring design

Maya Selva Cigars has always been a proud ambassador of the people and the terroir of Honduras. Over the years, many of our designs have been inspired by the magnificent Mayan civilization and the remarkable stone temples, altars, hieroglyphics and stelae found in the ruins of Copan. If you look closely at the ring, you will see that the wings are made of a “petate” - a woven design that was once a symbol of royalty and political power.

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