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NOVELTIES 2021 - Cumpay Robusto Maduro!

PARIS, FRANCE – Maya Selva Cigars has officially launched a new “PURO NICARAGUA” to the Cumpay collection. The Robusto Maduro with its naturally-fermented Nicaraguan wrapper will stay true to the collection's unique character.

In the early 1999, and after the country´s peace accords, Maya launched Cumpay, captivating us with the volcanic highlands notes of Nicaragua’s Jalapa valley terroir. Back then Nicaragua was “One of the newest and most promising cigar terroirs”.

With its dramatic volcanic landscape – more than 50 volcanoes (five of which are still active) and with water covering 7% of its surface, Nicaragua combines both a hot, humid climate and fertile volcanic soil. These conditions yield crop after crop of rich, corpulent tobacco with highly sought-after combustion properties. The identity of its cigars can only be explained by this exceptional combination of factors.

Cumpay is the Tawakha Indian name for a rolled tobacco leaf.


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