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Maya Selva is the new Grand Maître of the Confrérie Jean Nicot

After 19 years at the helm of the Confrerie Jean Nicot, François Dutreil handed the prestigious position of Grand Master over to Maya Selva, herself a renowned figure in the hand-rolled cigar world. She will no doubt assume this new leadership role with the enthusiasm and vision for which she is known.

The Confrerie Jean Nicot was founded in 1961 by the French Tobacco Monopoly in order to bring together tobacco professionals and aficionados. The group organizes events and activities aimed at spreading knowledge about the plant brought to Europe by Jean Nicot, and promoting the pleasure and enjoyment of smoking cigars and pipes.

The Confrerie is based on the values of conviviality and tolerance, and is organized into chapters in 8 regions of France, as well as 3 chapters abroad. There are 600 members worldwide.


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