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An-out-of-the-ordinary tasting experience!

Maya Selva Cigars is proud to announce an out-of-the-ordinary tasting experience: a single box containing 10 cigars rolled more than a decade ago and 10 cigars of the same kind rolled last year.

Ten years ago, Maya Selva foresaw a market for premium new world cigars and producers that would guarantee the aging process of their brands. In the spirit of this thought, we set aside thousands of cigars from a variety of vitolas and stored them in our warehouse. Each vitola in its own space under carefully controlled conditions of temperature, humidity, and light.

Today, you can taste how our quality holds up over time, with our special edition featuring ten Flor de Selva Nº15 cigars rolled in 2012, and ten more rolled in 2022. We suggest aficionados to smoke both cigars at once, in order to experience how the tobaccos have blended over time.

Join us in this unique experience and discover how the quality and flavor of our cigars endure the test of time.

The cigars will be currently available only in the United States.


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