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Villa Zamorano BEST VALUE – Honduras 2020

We couldn´t be happier and more honored about this recognition from our aficionados in many countries. The Villa Zamorano brand has been awarded by Cigar Journal´s Cigar Trophy Awards for the second time in row as Best Value – Honduras. In 2019 for the Villa Zamorano Reserva collection and this year for the Villa Zamorano classic line.

Villa Zamorano has been a favorite of connoisseurs and aficionados since 2002, when it was first introduced as a bundled cigar. These “puros” are made at the brand-dedicated San Judas Tadeo factory in Danlí, Honduras. Villa Zamorano cigars are a great basic cigar, hand rolled using the finest tobaccos. Featuring tobacco from the Jamastrán valley, in south-eastern Honduras, this cigar is a genuine expression of the terroir of El Paraíso. Its long, hand-rolled fillers make for a rustic, rich and expressive cigar, deploying a clear-cut strength, ample plume of smoke, and unadulterated notes of roasted coffee.

We continue to be true to our motto: “Rich in Taste, Not in Price.”

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