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Most of the world has been confined to the home spaces due to the spread of coronavirus, this has prompted us to reinvent the home-office concept and the virtual gatherings for social, educational and work purposes have multiplied to our amazement. The cigar world was no exception, and has taken advantage of this trend finding renewed ways to mingle with and learn through podcasts, virtual lounges, live-sessions and seminars.

We here at Maya Selva Cigars have participated in our share of virtual events. Cigar Journal’s Light ’em Up Lounge invited Maya Selva to join them recently.

Meanwhile, Cigar Sense launched a series of audio conferences designed to offer new learning opportunities to aficionados. These Cigars Lovers’ Virtual Seminars have gathered the best in the field to explore ways to maximize the cigar experience. Maya Selva was invited to be a panelist with the topic “Cigar Heritage”, discussing what makes a premium cigar unique.

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