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Maya Selva Cigars It is our 25th anniversary!

And while we certainly have a lot to celebrate since we began producing our first cigars a quarter of a century ago, we are also taking time to ponder the new challenges that we are all facing in the midst of the quarantine that most of us are subject to, regardless of our country of origin. At Maya Selva Cigars, we humbly accept this new challenge. We recognize and are grateful for every aficionado across the globe who enjoys the cigars from any of our three brands (Flor de Selva, Cumpay, and Villa Zamorano) and their respective collections. Our hope for the future is powered by the entire chain of workers and their families who make it possible for all of us to enjoy a grand cigar, from the farmer who plants the first tiny seed in the soil, to the people who harvest, dry, classify, roll, pack and store our cigars, to those who clean, do office and administrative work, transport and sell our world class brands. We are also very thankful to have an entire family of ambassadors and friends who have been loyal customer throughout the years. As we reflect on every person who helps make Maya Selva Cigars, we encourage you to stay home and stay put. And if you leave your nest, please keep your distance and take all of the necessary precautions. We need all of you!

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