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A brief glimpse into our history Maya Selva: 25 years of Tenacity and Passion

The daring effort launched 25 years ago by Maya Selva brought Honduran cigars to the European market, which until now, had been dominated by Cuban cigars. Maya Selva, daughter of a French mother and a Honduran father, originally studied at the Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l'Information - School of Engineering (EISTI), and obtained her master’s in science in the United States. If there is one thing she is known for, it’s the enormous efforts she has made to break through the masculine hegemony of the tobacco world, with cigars that are among the best quality and the most enjoyed. In 2018, L'Amateur de Cigare magazine honored the Flor de Selva brand with the prestigious Coup de Chapeau award, for introducing the French aficionados to Honduran tobacco, in a space that once valued only Cuban cigars. But this was not her only honor. Since 1998, Maya Selva Cigars has received many important distinctions in a number of different categories. In 2019 alone, world aficionados chose the Flor de Selva’s Maduro Collection as Tobacco Business magazine’s Cigar of the Year, while the Villa Zamorano Reserva Collection was named Best Value by Cigar Journal magazine.

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