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Rich in taste, not in price

Classic Collection

A hand-made cigar with premium tobacco at an affordable price.
Any cigar smoker can enjoy the luxury of a real smoke. 
These hand-made Honduran cigars offer a full, expressive taste
with notes of roasted coffee.

VZ Colección Clásica.png

Reserva Collection

The "Reserva" collection evolves the flavor of the original
Villa Zamorano, a hand-made cigar rolled with premium tobacco. 

These Honduran cigars will appeal to the daily smoker who enjoys a solid and consistently good smoke, without breaking the bank.  

Colecciones MSC - 2021 - VZR_edited_edit

Check out our VZ Reserva Cigar Can !
5-Cigar Sampler (Expreso, Robusto, N°15, El Gordo & Soberano)

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